Toolbox for Musicians for iPad

Every musician needs a solid understanding of music theory to create. Toolbox for Musicians provides reference tools to help build that theory.

Whether you are just starting your musical journey, or have been on the path for awhile, Toolbox for Musicians provides something useful for everyone. The simple and intuitive interface is designed for speed and easy readability.

Toolbox for Musicians currently provides the following:

  • Chord Utility – Circle Theory and Chord Progression in the palm of your hand! Easily the most important learning nemonic for some of music's most pivotal theory
  • Metronome – Easy-to-use metronome for use between 1 and 225 beats per minute. Flashing counter allows it to be used without distracting others
  • Glossary – A large compendium of music terms with an easy-to-use index feature
  • Circle of Fifths (Fourths) – As part of the Chord Utility, this gives you quick access to important information including key signatures, dominant/subdominant chords, and scales
  • Tuner – Use the chord tones to tune your instrument

We welcome your feedback: let us know what you would like to see in the next release!


ONLY 9.99!

What's New in Version 4.2.3

  • Scales and Modes now included! Play through up to 20 different scales and modes with up to 4 different instruments.
  • Now choose between tick-tock sound and high hat-snare on the metronome
  • Enhanced UI features – If you thought it looked slick before, check it out now!